Exit Strategy

There comes a time in the development of every unquoted company, whether privately owned or a subsidiary, when it makes sense for the shareholders to consider an ownership change. Our exit strategy review offers a carefully tailored analysis of the various exit options available to shareholders including refinancing, management buy-outs and buy-ins, a total or partial trade sale or flotation.

We will assess each option dispassionately in the light of the company's circumstances, the specific requirements of the shareholders and the interests of management and staff. We will then recommend the best exit strategy, including timing and grooming, with a view to maximising shareholder value.

In order to maximise the shareholder value, the business needs to be made as attractive as possible to potential buyers – and so grooming is important. It is about strengthening the key areas of the business and improving on those which may appear to be weak in the eyes of a potential purchaser.

Structured or strategic grooming can take up to three or four years, but there is a lot that can be done over a shorter timescale. Goldsmiths member firms help businesses to review long term corporate goals and commercial plans, including succession and other shareholder issues. Often we will deliver this by facilitating strategic planning days for the directors of a business.